Royal Wedding: LIVE.

by amyovergaard

Ok, I’m up. Have been for a bit, but I’ve just been waking up and taking it all in. I’m watching it on NBC, but if you don’t have access to a television, don’t fear! There are plenty of online live-streams. Here’s a link to PBS’s:

William and Harry arrived at Westminster Abbey about twenty minutes ago, looking excited and a bit nervous. Kate’s mother and brother just arrived as well. She is looking very classy. Way ahead of the mother-of-the-bride curve.

When William and Harry set out for Westminster you could hear the crowd go up in cheers, waving flags, full of joy. There’s something sweet about that. They’re all so excited!

And now the Queen is on her way! Wearing a sunny yellow outfit and classic hat. Speaking of hats, there are some very crazy hats and fascinators at the wedding! Definitely fun to see.

Charles and Camilla are arriving now too. Apparently a lot of the women at the wedding are wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, including Camilla.

K, I’m going to concentrate for a bit now and take it all in as the Queen arrives. Be back when Kate starts leaving : )

Kate just got into the car with her father and speculation is buzzing about the designer. What you can see of it from the cameras is a lace overlay and sleeves, and her hair is down with her veil and a tiara. The crowd is so excited, and Kate is happily waving to them all. She looks beautiful.

Pippa, Kate’s younger sister, just arrived with the young bridesmaids and page boys. She is wearing a sleek, floor-length gown that looks like it’s an ivory or champagne color.

The sun just came out as the car with Kate and her father pulled up to Westminster. Pippa is leaving the Abbey to greet her sister. And the dress is gorgeous! Apparently it’s designed by Sarah Burton. It has a long train (though not as long as Diana’s was) and the front, while covering her well, something required for a royal wedding, is open enough to look modern. She looks so happy!

Be back soon. Time for the processional.

Here’s a link to an article about the dress which includes the release from the official Royal website. They even have a couple of pictures!

In other note, the ceremony is lovely. It’s fun to see a wedding ceremony in the traditional Anglican. I think my favorite part so far has been the hymns though. The choir singing right now is beautiful!

What has your favorite part been so far? Are you especially looking forward to watching anything else?

Well that was a lovely ceremony. Listen to that crowd! England is in love.

Next up: carriage ride and kiss on the balcony!

The Strib posted a link on Twitter to pictures of the Dress and the ceremony.

Well, the kiss was not quite worth the hour and a half countdown, but still cool to see the crowd gathering around Buckingham Palace. I must say, I’m glad to say I have a bit of Brit blood in me. Well, time to make coffee and get ready for the day! Thanks for joining me! Cheerio!