Little Black Dress.

by amyovergaard

Coco Chanel, who practically invented the idea of the LBD. What a classy lady.

This weekend I went shopping with my mom, grandma and sister. While innocently browsing the racks, I happened upon the loveliest black dress. With a perfectly classic cut and being just my size, it was the type of dress I had been searching for. It was just as perfect when I tried it on. It even had pockets, the perfect addition to any dress. I determined to buy it with the adamant encouragement of my grandma.

Coco Chanel popularized the “little black dress” and Audrey Hepburn encouraged every woman to find one that fit and flattered her, a perfect go-to in any situation. Well, this weekend I found my perfect little black dress, and even though it wasn’t made forty years ago, I think it’s quite reminiscent of something Audrey would have donned. Very Breakfast at Tiffany-esque. Just as any LBD should be, it’s flattering, I can dress it up or down and it has a timeless style.

Though I found this dress at Target it will last me for ages. While I love vintage clothing, sometimes there are pieces to be found in regular stores that have a vintage feel. I’m always on the lookout for things that have a vintage style, no matter the store. When you understand vintage styles from different eras, you develop an eye for styles and cuts that can recall ages past while having the advantage of wearing them new.

Don’t discount clothing or stores just because they are produced en-masse and sold at a chain store. You can always pair these new pieces with vintage, like I plan to wear my 1950s alligator pumps with my dress. Sometimes there are gems to be found.

I’ll have to post a photo on a night when I’m looking less grubby : )

Photo via Charcoal Interiors.