Always save the shoes.

by amyovergaard

Writing about shoes, I was reminded of a near-death experience my heels and I had a couple months ago. It was late November when I got my pair of vintage brown leather pumps {see last post}. I wore them to class, despite the foreboding weather, figuring the rain would hold off. I figured wrong.

By the afternoon, when it was time to walk home, the rain was coming down in torrents. Though it wasn’t a terribly long walk back, I really hate it when my feet get wet, but there was no other option. I started briskly walking to the crosswalk, but within two feet I was faced with a puddle of water too wide to jump across. Instinctively I took off my heels and started running. I clearly had not considered that, though it was raining, it had already snowed several times and the ground was frozen. And soon were my feet.

I got stopped by traffic halfway across the busy intersection, where I ended up standing in an icy pool of water, waiting for the light to turn green. Hopping from one foot to the other in a desperate attempt to keep feeling in them, I must have looked a sight. As I began running the last stretch to my apartment, I kept tripping, as my feet felt completely detached from my body.

When I finally made it inside I stumbled up the stairs, still feeling as though I was dragging my body on blocks of ice rather than feet. It took them several hours fully to recover, but it was a constant comfort knowing that my lovely vintage heels were safe and dry.

One doesn’t find perfectly-fitting, inexpensive vintage heels every day, and a girl must do what she can to save them. Many people would think me silly for potentially sacrificing my feet for a pair of shoes, and I probably was, but where my feet recovered, my heels would not have. Always save the shoes.

{Though next time I’m going to pay heed to the weather and wear galoshes instead.}