Shoes Always Fit.

by amyovergaard

One of the things I love most about vintage shops are the shoes. Not only are they gorgeous, but no matter what era they’re from, they always fit. A lot of vintage clothes need to be altered to fit properly even if they’re in your size, as sizing was very different in decades past. Shoes, however, no matter they style or decade, will still fit.

They were also made with a quality that doesn’t exist anymore, at least not where I can afford to buy shoes. Sorry, no Manolo Blahniks for me.  Making shoes for the general public used to be a craft, not another item off the assembly line. Can you imagine any of your shoes today lasting until you have grandchildren? Not a chance. But shoes from the past were made to last, with quality material and craftsmanship.

Sometimes shoes can disappoint, as it’s the luck of the draw as to what will even be the right size. But when you do find a pair that fit in a style you love, it is bliss.

Though I’ve often had a hard time finding vintage clothes that fit really well, in the past year I’ve gotten three pairs of beautiful vintage shoes. It’s always a search, and I’ve often walked away empty-handed, but those few finds were worth all the hunting. The first was a pair of Allen Edmonds oxfords in a carmel-y brown, with army green accents from A Vintage Shop, this wonderful store near Sheboygan, Wisc. (which, of course, is not local, but they’re too great not to show off). This was my first vintage shoe purchase.


The second is a pair of shoes that I had been dreaming of for years. Remember in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly asks Paul to find her pair of black alligator pumps? Well I found them at Via’s Vintage in Uptown. They’re even from the 60s! Perfection.

1960s black alligator pumps

The last pair, reddish-brown leather pumps with a stacked heel, I found at an antique shop in Stillwater for $12. That’s right, $12 for vintage leather heels in pristine condition, that fit like a dream. I have never found a more comfortable pair, which is just the cherry on top. Those were a find indeed.

leather heels.