living in black and white.

by amyovergaard

I’m a big fan of the classics, whether it be books, old movies or the idea of a little black dress. I love gazing into the looking glass of decades past and seeing how I can infuse the best of those days with what I’m surrounded now. I think that the classics have a major role in the area of fashion, as so much of what we see in today’s trends is deeply influenced by the past. I love looking at old photographs and movies and seeing the way that putting together an outfit was an art rather than a chore. I love the grace and sophistication that people paired with their pencil skirts and three-piece suits in this world of black and white. I’m inspired by the culture that surrounded fashion that we seem to have somewhat lost in the busyness and disconnect of today’s world.

I think that exploring vintage fashion is a wonderful step to bring back some class into our culture. Not only does it make you feel like a Hepburn (and really, who doesn’t want that?), but it allows you to create a style that is unique to yourself. This gives you the ability to cross the decade lines and find what works best for your life and style instead of sticking to the Target racks like everyone else. Many people turn to the internet when searching for vintage styles, but there are so many local options in this area. The Twin Cities have so many hidden gems in the realm of vintage shops, and I hope to explore these nooks and crannies, finding the best of those happy golden years for your closets. Join me on this journey, won’t you?